Lorena's roots are based in community organizing. Pursuing political science at Northwestern and proactively organizing around issues of domestic violence and immigration, Lorena has first hand experience organizing, campaigning, and fundraising.

As a coder Lorena continues to work with the community, offering free coding classes for youth programs and women in tech groups like Girl Develop It and PyLadies. As a conference organizer, Lorena has helped with speaker outreach for Write/Speak/Code, a conference for women software engineers. She continues to iterate on community support for conference organizers by helping develop the PyCon Organizers Manual

Lorena's current initiative is to target open source projects that have a direct community impact where she can put her coding and data analysis skills to work. Lorena's entrance into civic hacking arose when she and her hackathon team were awarded 6 months mentoring in the Geeks Without Bounds accelerator to continue to advance the creation of disaster response tools for the Chicago Red Cross chapter.

Interested in a coding class for your community? Have an open source project you want to hack on? Perhaps you have a new civic tech project or diversity initiative? Contact Lorena at me@lorenamesa.com.